Entering the workforce for the first time can seem daunting, especially in light of economic uncertainty. However, staffing agency in canada dedicated to supporting new graduates can help jumpstart careers after college or university. These organizations understand the unique position and needs of recent graduates.

Gain Valuable Experience

Staffing agencies work with employers seeking enthusiastic entry-level candidates who may lack direct professional experience. Short-term contracts allow new grads the opportunity to take on meaningful roles and build their resumes while also exploring different career paths. Completing 6-12 month stints at multiple companies through an agency is favorable to employers.

Access Hidden Roles

Many entry-level or internship positions are never formally advertised but filled through temp agencies and internal recruiters. Working with a staffing partner opens up “hidden” jobs within fast-growing startups or large organizations’ emerging projects and teams.

Get Mentorship

Agencies promote mentorship between candidates and hiring managers to set new graduates up for success. Temporary placements often turn permanent as employers invest in developing young talent they observe and appreciate through an initial contract.

Training and Career Services

Beyond job matching, agencies provide graduates career counseling, professional development workshops, resume and interview coaching. These resources boost candidates’ employability and confidence navigating the job search process.

Administrative Support

Agencies take care of the paperwork, payroll and other administrative responsibilities of contracting work. This allows new graduates to fully focus their energy on excelling in assignments and developing key business relationships.

Target Opportunities

Staffing companies intimately understand local industries, roles, cultures and hiring managers. Their insights let graduates pursue placements tailored to specific interests, whether in tech, healthcare, education or other fast-growing fields.

Partnering with an agency builds work experience from day one. Recent grads develop transferable Skilled/UnSkilled and access mentors, champions and potential long-term career opportunities through staffing’s unique advantages.