If a move from Washington DC to another state is in your future, Long Distance Movers Washington DC should top your to-do list. Cross-country relocations require more logistics and care than local shuffles between DC neighborhoods. You want furniture and valuables to arrive safely at your new out-of-state home without headaches.

That’s why choosing the right interstate DC moving company and knowing smart practices during the process is key. Follow these dos and don’ts for smooth sailing:

The Do’s

Do collect estimates from multiple well-reviewed companies before deciding. The rock-bottom bid could signal cut corners that risk your items.

Reputable movers invest in quality materials, trucks, and staff for safe transports worth the reasonable quotes they extend. Do ask for copies of the mover’s licenses and insurance before booking.

Legitimate Washington DC moving companies furnish these credentials on request to provide peace of mind. Do disclose full inventory details upfront when getting estimates for the most accurate pricing.

Surprise fees from movers who underestimated your belongings ruin budgets. Take time to thoroughly walk estimators through an itemized list room-by-room.

  • Do collect estimates from a few reputable companies before booking. The lowest bid may not provide the best service.
  • Do ask for proof of licenses and insurance. Legitimate Moving Company Washington DC professionals will furnish.
  • Do disclose full inventory details upfront for accurate quotes. Surprise fees ruin budgets.
  • Do packs unusual or valuable items yourself if able. Let movers handle general furniture.
  • Do label every box with room location details for easy unloading.
  • Do keep irreplaceable items, docs, and medications with you, not movers.
  • Following these positive steps helps instill confidence in your choice of long-distance Washington DC movers.

The Don’ts

Don’t choose a long-distance moving company without vetting online customer reviews first. Complaints about damaged goods, unexpected fees, or missed delivery timeframes should give pause about entrusting your move to those movers.

Don’t expect long-distance movers to disassemble or reassemble complex fixtures and furniture without arranged service. Communicating needs upfront allows the movers to send proper personnel and equipment for specialized items like pool tables, gym sets, or chandeliers.

Assuming movers will work miracles leads to dissatisfaction. Don’t send valuables like cash, coins, jewelry, or small collectibles along with the movers. Keep such irreplaceable items protected with you during the relocation.

While reputable companies have protection for damaged goods, priceless sentimental pieces just travel best in your custody.

  • Don’t choose a company without reading recent customer reviews. Warning signs include damaged goods or pricing disputes.
  • Don’t forget to snap photos of furniture defects before move day. Documenting condition is claims help later.
  • Don’t let movers pack antiques, art, or delicate electronics. Entrust those yourself to specialized Local Moving Companies Washington DC.
  • Don’t send cash, coins, or jewelry to the movers. The safest place is with you in transit.
  • Don’t expect movers to disassemble or reassemble complex fixtures without arranged service. Communicate needs upfront.

Final Take away 

Skipping negative practices keeps your long-distance relocation calm and positive. Preparation is always key for smooth Washington DC moves out of state. But picking an ethical and experienced long-distance moving company sets you up for success.

The pros at Three Movers handle DC relocations across America regularly. Learn more about our transparent process and customer service standards at https://threemovers.com/washington-dc today.