When it comes to maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home, the cost of heating can be a significant burden for many homeowners. Fortunately, various central heating grant programs exist to provide financial assistance, for central heating grants program you can check your eligibility and application process by visiting https://grantboilers.org.uk/first-time-central-heating-system/, but the question remains: do these grants cover the ongoing maintenance costs of boilers and other heating systems? In this article, we’ll look at central heating grant programs and if they help with boiler upkeep.

Central Heating Grant 

Central heating grant programs, like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme in the UK, are made to help homeowners and tenants get better heating systems that use less energy. These grants can pay to switch out old, not very good boilers with newer ones that are better for the environment. To get these grants, they usually check things like how much money your household makes, what kind of home you have, and how old and good your heating system is. If homeowners or private tenants fit the criteria, they might get grant to help pay for part or all of getting a new boiler or central heating system installed.

Boiler Maintenance and Central Heating Grants

A big question people often ask is if central heating grants also pay for keeping the new boiler or heating system working well over time. This is important to think about because regular checkups are really important to make sure these systems work well for a long time.

Maintenance Costs Not Covered by Central Heating Grants

Regretfully, boiler servicing and maintenance are not covered by the majority of central heating subsidy plans. Installation or replacement of heating systems is mostly covered by these grants. The homeowner or renter is responsible for maintaining the boiler or central heating system after installation. This includes regular servicing, repairs, and any necessary replacements of components over time.

Potential Indirect Savings

Even though central heating grants don’t pay for maintenance directly, they can still help with boiler upkeep in other ways:

Improved Efficiency: If homeowners change an old, not very good boiler for a newer one that uses less energy, they might pay less for heating in total. This can create some financial flexibility to allocate towards maintenance expenses.

Warranty Coverage: While many new boilers come with manufacturer guarantees, some—even the less expensive ones—do not. During the duration of the guarantee, the guarantees might pay for all boiler replacement or repair expenses. This can help offset some of the maintenance costs.

Preventive Maintenance: People may be more inclined to keep new, high-quality boilers if they purchase them with central heating grants. It is possible then this contributes to a decrease in expensive repairs over time due to prolonging their lives.

Exploring Alternative Funding Options

Boiler repair is not covered by central heating funding, but homeowners might explore other financial support programs:

  • Boiler Service Plans: Some heating companies or energy suppliers offer boiler service plans for a monthly or annual fee. These plans can help pay for keeping things working right, fixing stuff, and sometimes even getting a new boiler if you need one.
  • Home Warranty Programs: Homeowners might buy special plans called home warranties that cover heating systems, including fixing and taking care of boilers.
  • Energy Efficiency Grants: In addition to central heating grants, other programs funded by the government or local authorities may exist which provide financial assistance meant to convert homes into energy-efficient ones. This can indirectly help with boiler maintenance.


While central heating grant programs don’t pay for keeping boilers working well over time. They can still help homeowners and tenants a lot. When you switch to a heating system that uses less energy, you might spend less on heating overall. That means you might have more money to use for keeping your system in good shape. Also, checking out other ways to pay for keeping your boiler working, like service plans or home warranties, can help. If homeowners know what central heating grants can and can’t do, they can make smart choices and get the most out of these helpful programs.