Following a 100 year prohibition on cannabis, there are still many aspects of cannabis legalization that require integration into the new paradigm. The work environment, in particular, mandatory employee drug testing, is one of these aspects. There are still lots of grey areas with respect to cannabis in the workplace, and employees should have some understanding of these sensitive areas.

Cannabidiol can be extremely beneficial to those who work in high intensity, high-stress work environments. In fact, there are many entrepreneurs and business people who benefit from using CBDas a health supplement. However, that does not mean that it is not still a sensitive and controversial issue, and all CBD users should be aware of that. CBD can be an extremely positive thing in the workplace so long as the stigma is removed and public education is expounded.

The Stigma With Cannabis – How To Work Through It

The most obvious obstacle a CBD enthusiast might face in the workplace is the stigma associated with cannabis use. Although most of the stereotypical ideas relate to THC, it bleeds over into CBD use especially when certain judgmental people don’t know the difference. Working through the stigma to increase public education is a big part of integrating cannabis legalization into a fully functioning aspect of society.

Working through stigma in the workplace with respect to CBD means being open about what you know. In most cases, educating a person can help to relieve the stigma and introduce a new way of understanding cannabis. Ways to open up the conversation include:

  • Sharing how and why it helps you
  • Explaining how CBD is different from THC, especially in the fact that it is non-psychoactive
  • Offering to answer any questions a person might have about it

Most importantly, you must be confident when you are relaying information to those who know virtually nothing about CBD or cannabis. When you are discussing this sensitive topic, be sure about what you know but try not to be arrogant when sharing information. In the end, if you are confidently educating someone, they are more inclined to trust you and your knowledge.

Mandatory Drug Testing – Where Does CBD Fit In?

Although it’s still somewhat controversial, mandatory drug testing is a reality for many US employees. This is an aspect of cannabis legalization that hasn’t yet been fully integrated into the new legal climate. Even though cannabis has been legalized, there is still a huge stigma about it in the workplace, and many employers refuse to accept it in the working environment.

Most mandatory drug testing facilities are checking for THC and its metabolites – not CBD. However, the unfortunate reality with this is that there is no real test for “THC impairment”. Rather, it is a test to know whether an employee has smoked in the recent past (within the last 30 days). For most of us, this is an unfair way to test employees, as most people know that THC impairment lasts for only a few hours after use.

So where does CBD fit into this picture? Well, most CBD users will not fail a mandatory drug test. This is because the test itself is not designed to detect CBD and its metabolites. With that being said, some CBD products still contain trace amounts of THC, especially those manufactured from marijuana rather than hemp. It means that THC may still enter the body, causing a failed drug test. It is important to know which cannabinoids are inside the product you are using to avoid this kind of nasty surprise.

Unfortunately, modern drug testing is not a good indicator of “impairment”. It is actually just a way to know if a person uses drugs or not, but does not measure how capable that person is of conducting their duties. This is especially true with those who use CBD products with only small amounts of THC.

Working Towards A Sustainable Future

It doesn’t really matter that there are some Americans who still disagree with the cannabis legalization movement. The point is that it is moving and that cannabis is slowly but surely becoming a part of the everyday social activity of Americans. It is imperative that Americans can work together towards the sustainability of this industry.

For society, this has already meant many changes. Banks have begun cooperating with cannabis retail businesses, for example. Governments have begun to outline strict industry regulations to make sure that products meet food and medical standards. Finally, social integration is the last step, where even the workplace has a proper protocol to accommodate this change.

For people who choose CBD as a nutritional supplement or a form of treatment for a certain ailment, integrating it into everyday life is important. This also entails a certain level of acceptance from employers, colleagues and family members. This is part of working towards a sustainable future for the cannabis industry and its integration into society as a whole.